Regatta Divisions & Race

The team fees for 2018 are as follows (no taxes added):

  • Mixed Gender Division - 3 races each (500m, 250m, 500m) - $950
  • Spirit Challenge Division* - 2 races each (250m) - $195
  • Women's Race & BCS Flower Ceremony ** (one 250m race) - $295
  • Hand Paddle Race - tentative (one 100m race) - $10 / person

* The spirit Challenge Division is for teams with paddlers with intellectual disabilities.
** The Women's race is NOT restricted to Breast Cancer Survivor (BCS) teams.

To register or obtain more information, please contact

RECAP of what was NEW in 2017

  • The addition of a women's 250m sprint race (hosted by the Pink Crusaders breast cancer survivor team), followed by a Flower Ceremony.
  • The event will help raise awareness and funds for the Pink Crusaders breast cancer survivor team (some of whom raced in Florence, Italy in 2018).
  • Anniversary souvenir T-shirts were sold to promote event and raise money for charity.
  • Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) Keisha and Allison will be onsite providing 10 minutes massages, taking donations towards charity.